Required Reading – (start here)

Required Reading

It’s 2019, and I’ve been watching a lot of old VH1 – Behind the Music episodes on YouTube. Fascinating stuff, and I’m astonished how much I don’t know about the artists and bands I’ve heard on the radio for years.

These grainy, low-resolution, (and very outdated) documentaries have inspired me to share more about myself and reveal more about the REAL Amy Lockheart.

So this is my no-budget version of “VH1 – Behind the Cam Girl.”

Most of the details in this section have never been shared publicly.

It’s hard to be this open.
…This vulnerable.
…This exposed.

Today, I’m a very positive, upbeat person, so it’s difficult to relive (and admit) my mistakes and turmoils.

But I’m doing it now – for the first time – in hopes of building even deeper connections with the few people who still care about me, and more importantly — hopefully — to inspire others to avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

I suggest reading these pages in order, because even my deepest, most intimate fans (some who’ve been with me since 2004-2005) know NOTHING about this stuff.

So let’s get started…