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Eyes on the Prize

Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore kitty cats!

For me, cats are like pussy – I can never eat just one.

Uh… I mean… like pussy, cats taste great.

No… um… cats are soft and furry and wet, just like a good pussy.

Er wait…..

Clearly, I’m a little unhinged today…  Just as I was the night I created this purrr-fect piece of pussycat portraiture.

When I began creating graphic art works I knew I wanted to showcase serious, motivational pieces (like Relentless), but I also knew I wanted to show off my sassy silly side.  After all, life is short!  What good would it be without levity?

That was the hedonistic inspiration for this piece:  Lust and laughter.  Pussy and cats.

Life is better with healthy doses of each.


My pet name for the cat in this piece is “Milo.”

The Piece:

PussyCat is a bold, in-your-face piece that commands attention. I find the vibrant colors and Milo’s piercing yellow eyes to be riveting – especially when contrasted against the stark, ultra-white background.


I think PussyCat’s beauty is more than skin deep.  And I think the piece has more to tell us than we might realize.

When I first finished the piece, I remember being surprised how effectively Milo’s hypnotic stare communicates interest and longing.  He wants it and he wants it bad!  He’s mesmerized by the thought of it.  At that frozen moment, nothing else matters to him.  And I think Milo is teaching us a critical life lesson… “Eyes on the Prize.”

I say it to myself every single day, like a mantra…  “Eyes on the Prize. Eyes on the Prize.”

Say it with me… “Eyes on the Prize.” 

Peer into PussyCat’s radiant yellow eyes and say it with him… “Eyes on the Prize.”

In his own adorable way, Milo is teaching us about focus and determination.  He’s teaching us how to get whatever we want in life. 

So whatever Prize you seek – pleasure or plenitude – don’t be a pussy. Be a PussyCat instead. Roll up your sleeves, focus all your strength, energy, and desire on obtaining that Prize – and it shall be yours.

What do you think?

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  1. Wrote this way back in 2012 I think it’s you!


    The essence of her soul is captured in her eyes.
    Walls built in fears and hiding behind disguises.
    She’s the one feeling in its truest form.
    She’s the light in the darkest of storms.
    Betrayed by her own heart.
    Scared to let go, fears of being torn apart.
    Wanting dreams to be reality.
    Wars within ones mind questioning mentality.
    Feeling backed into a corner, always ready to fight.
    She’s been hurt with words of spite.
    Wanting to let go of strife.
    Fears run her life.
    Malicious thoughts rule her world, dominating her mind.
    Walking through all her troubles blind.
    In her eyes, When will she measure up? When is it enough?
    Inside wounded and broken, The exterior cold and tough!
    How does one make her see this is eating her away like a cancer!
    Deep down She knows all of lifes answers.
    Bury the past!
    Looking back only kills the future, Nothing will last.
    Breaking the chains be set free! Open your wings and escape.
    Scorn, beating, and dying! The hearts brutally raped!
    Battles fought and never won, Search for inner peace.
    The heart will die and drown in its own blood, Deceased!
    Like a rose she is pure beauty even with a thorned stem.
    She blessed with loyal friends don’t be afraid to lean on them!
    Love, trust, and believe in the one, Pray to the sky!
    Learn to walk then learn how to fly.

    • Wow. That is spectacular! Thank you for sharing it with the world, Mr. Anonymous.

      I can identify with so many lines.
      So many nuances.
      So much pain and so much hope.

      For a couple of years I had this painting by Leonid Afremov hanging in my home. It’s titled “Angel Flight.”

      Your piece reminded me of it.

      'Angel Flight' by Leonid Afremov

      Through a series of sad events, I lost the painting. I miss it often, but never found the time or resources to replace it.

      But I must say – whoever you are – your piece has inspired me. And clearly, “Angel Flight” needs to be part of my life again. I need to replace it as soon as I can.

      Thank you.


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