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My Biggest Chaturbate Tip Token Bomb Ever

Thank you everyone – I love you all more than you know

My Birthday Bash performance was special in so many ways. I sincerely loved hanging out with all my beloved regulars and Fanclub members.  That alone made the night unforgettable for me.  You all were incredibly generous and I can never thank you enough.

  • amyislove
  • batmanishere675
  • buggs4565
  • chewie21
  • ceefuu
  • copper_pot1
  • emanxxxredux
  • directoroflulz
  • fm2338
  • gitchy_1974
  • jboff343
  • jericho_beach
  • johnny5562
  • kingkummm
  • kman15
  • marco5m5
  • mountnscrew
  • ninjapanda69
  • oldperv21
  • olgatheslut
  • snelover12
  • what46

Thank you all from the bottom of my little Lockheart.

Birthday Gifts

A special hug goes out to amyislove, copper_pot1, gitchy_1974, jboff343, kingkummm, and mountnscrew for all the wonderful birthday gifts.  I adore every one of them, and they’ll all make my future performances even better.

And of course… AmyIsLove. The Kingdom is yours!  In one split second you dropped the biggest Chaturbate Token Bomb I’ve ever seen (35350).  And in so doing, you claimed the crowns of King Lionheart and King Braveheart.  Long live the King.

I’ve memorialized your Token Bomb with this animated gif.  (The uncensored version is available on my Chaturbate Profile)

Thank you everyone.

I love you all more than you realize.

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  1. Your love comes through loud and clear. It could not have happened to a nicer person. Thank you. You make lives happier every time you appear.

  2. Amy, I was happy to help you celebrate your 35th birthday.

    You are someone who is unique, special, brilliant, beautiful, gifted and talented. May you be blessed with joy and happiness everyday of your life.

    A visit with you is priceless and it is impossible to tip an amount that would in anyway be close to what you provide to me.

    Love you more everyday.

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