He’s 10 feet tall and bulletproof.
…And 6 decades after his death he’s still carrying an anthem of love.

In a world full of noise — a most brilliant man whispers a most poignant message.

During his life, Einstein fought for equality and civil rights. And though I’m certain he never carried a “Love is the Answer” protest sign in real life, I believe he would embrace the simplicity and beauty of the message.

He loved simplicity.
He loved beauty.

He loved taking complex (sometimes incomprehensible) ideas and whittling them down into understandable, mortal-friendly statements.

In a way, “Love is the Answer” is like E=MC2.

It’s Relativity
…but a different kind of Relativity.

It’s Relativity — for Relating — to Humans.

“Love is the Answer” doesn’t explain the Universe or how it works.

It explains US and how we could work
…if only we would.

I am convinced Love is the formula for Harmony and Joy in human life.

Try this the next time you’re feeling lonely or unloved:
…Find someone else who’s also down, dejected, grasping, struggling.
…And reach out to them.
…Show them kindness.
…Show them compassion.
…Show them you understand.
…And love them.

I promise…
It will come back to you.
It will fill you with joy.
It will change your life.

The simplicity is beautiful.
…or as Derek might say, “It’s magical.”

I am practicing what I preach…

My presence on Chaturbate is my own, real-life practice of the above steps.

Chaturbate is *LOADED* with sad, lonely, unfulfilled people.

They surf from room to room searching — every day — every night — to fill some emptiness inside.

And all too often, they leave unfulfilled
…still haven’t found what they’re looking for.
…back again tomorrow.

Hint: Try my room.

Obviously, I know I can’t be everything to everyone, but I still want to reach out and inspire as many people as I can. Because I know the love I send out comes back to me eventually.

And if you’ve read My Secret History, you know that I need love too.

AND THAT is why Einstein’s message is such an integral part of my chatroom.

It all started with a question: “Amy, if you were using your last breath to tell the world ONLY ONE THING — what would it be?”

And that one moment of introspection reminded me of a blog post I read 2 or 3 years ago.

I’ve been carrying that message in my heart ever since.

And today it’s my only dogma.
It’s my only soapbox.

Love is the Answer.
Love Wins.

Negativity, prejudice, tribalism, and division kills.

I don’t have mental, spiritual, or emotional bandwidth for any of that stuff
…so I reject it all
…and rely on Love
…to transcend the noise
…to heal the wounds.

Some people (mostly FireBreathers) will dismiss the things I’m saying.

They’ll rebut me with arguments like:
— “Yeah but with all the badness in the world…”
— “Yeah but Trump…”
— “Yeah but the Democrats/Republicans…”
— “Yeah but Hannity/Maddow…”
— “Yeah but the gays…”
— “Yeah but the Muslims/Christians/Jews…”
— “Yeah but the Yankees/Red Sox/Dodgers…”

Other people will dismiss me, saying:
— “Amy, all of this love stuff is naive. It doesn’t work in the real world.”

But let’s be honest, what those people are really saying is this:
“I like my preferences and prejudices. Everyone should see the world the same way I do. And people who don’t share my views are wrong/stupid/worthless/evil/selfish/etc.”

I get it.
I’ve been there.

But love gives us the power to transcend ALL of that noise and negativity!

Ultimately, we’re all on the same team.
We’re all mortal, fragile humans.
…with very short life spans.

So why waste a second creating or propagating misery and derision!?
Instead, let’s just “Come together, right now.”

Love is the Answer.

But you don’t have to trust a 99 pound cam girl!

Trust Einstein.
Trust Banksy (the original creator of this image).

I admit, love is not always easy.
Sometimes it’s hard as hell.

But making the decision to love gets easier
…and it works like nothing else
…it will transform your life from the inside out
…it will give you freedom
…it will give you euphoria
…if you let it.

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I hope this has been helpful and inspiring.
I hope my 10′ Einstein speaks to your heart, as he does mine.

I love you.

CREDITS (as best as I know them): The original Einstein image was created by Banksy, the anonymous street artist, vandal, activist. It was painted — roughly 2 stories tall — in New York City. I believe it was completed in 2015.

Since then, another artist, Thierry Guetta, who goes by the name, Mr. Brainwash, has taken the image and reworked it dozens (perhaps hundreds) of times. Mr. Brainwash added the dripping paint (or is it blood?) heart behind the iconic Einstein image.

Amazon has many examples of this artwork in various sizes and qualities. Unfortunately, none of them fit the look I was going for, so I had to “roll my own,” as detailed on the Lockheart Lounge page.