It’s My Birthday Bash!

Let the Games Begin

You’re cordially invited to my Naked Birthday Bash on Chaturbate.  Come chill out with the Birthday Girl in her Birthday Suit.

What do you think?

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  1. Simply incredible. Never would have imagined it. Left me impressed at your ability to move beyond the every-day life in CB and push some boundaries. More than anything, I was impressed at your intensity. Oh yeah, and “Wow!”

    • Oh Gitch!

      Your love and support is just amazing. You know I’m all about positivity and delighting people… well you positively delight me every day with your kind words, help, and encouragement. It means the world.

      As for the performance… It was something stirring in my brain for a while. I wanted to give my beloved followers something they’d probably never seen before. And I figured… a naked life-size love doll riding a 9ft unicorn… well I know I’ve never seen anything like that before!

      So there you have it. Something I will always remember, and I’m so happy I pulled it off without burning the house down or something.


      • Inquiring minds want to know: Where did the idea of “a naked life-size love doll riding a 9ft unicorn” come from? Not recognizing that in any of Freud’s theories. Maybe not enough space to answer here, and there is no couch to lay on while answering. Anyway, it was a blast. Great job.

        • It was a collision of circumstances, Gitch! I knew Ashley was going to be the ‘big reveal,’ so I started there.

          Nuru massages are often performed on blow up mattresses, but I wanted something with a lot more pizzazz than a rubber mattress. I was lucky to find Horny Romeo at Walmart (of all places). And the ball started rolling.

          I sincerely thought I was going to do the show in my bathroom. But Horny Romeo was just too big, and I couldn’t fit all the camera gear, lights, etc. So I thought about doing the entire show on the bed. But that was way too dangerous, and I could imagine rolling off on the floor, crashing into the lights, etc. The floor was the only safe place to do it.

          So I came up with the last-minute idea to have Ashley set inside Horny Romeo before the show… covered in balloons… And the reveal kind of took care of itself after that.

          So yeah, just a collision of weird events. Pretty sure Freud never imagined anything quite like it. LOL

          Thank you for the comment.


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