The Greatest Showman – (a Brief Dissection)

The Greatest Showman – (in a Chaturbate Context) [MAY CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS] If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman, please begin with my first post about the movie here. And then watch it! With careful attention, you can see Chaturbate unfold before your eyes — every player is represented. [1] THE SHOWMAN, of course, is … Continue reading The Greatest Showman – (a Brief Dissection)

Unconditionally – Katy Perry – (Video + Lyrics)

Unconditionally – by Katy Perry I’ll be honest. Like many, I’ve held some prejudices against Katy Perry. In my circles, she was branded a church-girl-gone-bad (her first album was a contemporary Christian recording under the name Katy Hudson). So like a big jerk, I fell in with the crowd and I saw her as an … Continue reading Unconditionally – Katy Perry – (Video + Lyrics)

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa Ok, look. If you haven’t watched the entire Rocky series recently… please carve out a weekend, or two, or three, and just do it. My Rocky Blu-Ray set is so sentimental to me. As mentioned here, it has pulled me out of some very dark times. Stalone is a force of nature. He’s … Continue reading Rocky Balboa


Hello, my name is Amy Lockheart. I am an entrepreneur, online entertainer (a.k.a webcam model), graphic artist, blogger, and affiliate marketer. I recently discovered that my lifelong worldview was wrong. Indeed *everything* I thought I knew about the Universe, life, death, humanity, and existence was incorrect. And that realization shook me — and everything in … Continue reading Frontpage

Lockheart Lounge

For my return to Chaturbate, I wanted to create something special. …Something spectacular. My goal was to take all the coolest, most wonderful things about last years’ experience and amplify it. Um… “go to eleven,” if you will. The first thing I wanted to do was break free from the confines of my bedroom, and … Continue reading Lockheart Lounge


He’s 10 feet tall and bulletproof. …And 6 decades after his death he’s still carrying an anthem of love. During his life, Einstein fought for equality and civil rights. And though I’m certain he never carried a “Love is the Answer” protest sign in real life, I believe he would embrace the simplicity and beauty … Continue reading Einstein

My Inspiration

I’m a HUGE believer in relentless positivity and seeking inspiration anywhere we can find it — even in the worst of situations. Read my Secret History article, and you’ll discover a girl who’s earned her positive thinking and self-affirmation stripes. …but I’m not special. …we ALL have our struggles. …we ALL need inspiration from time … Continue reading My Inspiration

My Secret History

BEFORE WE BEGIN: What follows is my personal story. Nothing more. I have no crusades to fight or minds to change. I have no desire to disrupt anyone’s beliefs and I’m not doing this to initiate debates or arguments. I am not — nor will I ever be — a firebreather. If you believe in … Continue reading My Secret History

My Grandiose Goals

If you haven’t read the My Secret History article yet, I encourage you to start there. This page will make more sense if you do. It’s a hard thing to admit… I was misled. I was foolish. I was wrong. But I particularly love Penelope Cruz’s line from the movie, Vanilla Sky… “Every passing minute … Continue reading My Grandiose Goals


Lockheart Lounge Speakers NOTE: I am planning a full-blown video review of my new Tekton – Double Impact SE speakers. But I’ll be honest… I’m not an audiophile, and I’ll never be able to surpass the information/quality of the two videos embedded below. If you are in the market for such amazing speakers, those videos … Continue reading Speakers

Required Reading – (start here)

Required Reading It’s 2019, and I’ve been watching a lot of old VH1 – Behind the Music episodes on YouTube. Fascinating stuff, and I’m astonished how much I don’t know about the artists and bands I’ve heard on the radio for years. These grainy, low-resolution, (and very outdated) documentaries have inspired me to share more … Continue reading Required Reading – (start here)


PussyCat Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore kitty cats! For me, cats are like pussy – I can never eat just one. Uh… I mean… like pussy, cats taste great. No… um… cats are soft and furry and wet, just like a good pussy. Er wait….. Clearly, I’m a little unhinged today…  Just … Continue reading PussyCat


Relentless For me Relentless is more than a word. It is a personal manifesto. It’s a state of mind. A state of being. Relentless is the force that drives a phoenix as she rises from the ashes. Relentless is the ferocious tenacity that overcomes every obstacle. Relentless is the white-hot inner fire that forges personal … Continue reading Relentless


Lockheart Lounge Vinyl The record collection in Lockheart Lounge was inspired by two things: — All the inspirational, rockin’ times we spent together last season. — And the picture of the On The Record Club in Las Vegas — (discussed in more depth here). My ultimate dream would be to display albums that reflect US … Continue reading Vinyl